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Husk – is a product that can be gotten after sunflower processing.


Scopes of husk:

1.Alternative kind of fuel in boiler rooms в котельных

        The calorific value of 1 kg of dry matter of sunflower husk is equivalent to 17.2 MJ. According to this indicator, the husk exceeds firewood - 14.6-15.9 MJ / kg and brown coal - 12.5 MJ / kg, and the coefficient of conversion of husk into conventional fuel reaches 0.63 units. 

During husk burning, the amount of emitted carbon dioxide does not exceed the amount, which is formed during the natural decomposition of wood, and the amount of other harmful emissions is negligible. Ash generated by burning husk can be used as a fertilizer.

2. Raw materials for the hydrolysis industry.

Ethyl alcohol and fodder yeast is produced during the processing. 32 liters of ethyl alcohol can be gotten from 1 ton of husk or 100-150 kg of fodder yeast, or 100 kg of a glycerin substitute.

3.  Getting biogas.

Biogas is a gaseous product obtained as a result of anaerobic, that is, occurring without access to air, fermentation (overheating) of organic substances of the most diverse origin, including husk. Biogas is used as a fuel for the production of: electricity, heat or steam, or as automotive fuel. 

4.  Fertilizer and soil improver. 

5.  Soil when growing mushrooms. 

6.  Construction.

There are patented technologies for the production of decorative heat and sound insulation plates. 

7. Feed additive. 

Sunflower husk is rich in pentosanes and in crushed form is used as an additive to coarse feed.


Sunflower husk, produced by JSC “Kazansky MEP” corresponds to

 TU  9147 – 003 – 77194055 – 15   

Name Characteristics
mass fraction of moisture and volatile matter,% 11-15
mass fraction of moisture and volatile matter,% 3-5
Mass fraction of ash in terms of abs. dry matter,% 2,8
mass fraction of crude fiber in terms of abs. dry matter,% 55-70
bulk density, kg / cubic meter 0,400-0,440
passage through the sieve d = 6 mm,%d=6 мм, % 20


AO "KMEZ" produces and sells sunflower husks in the form of granules with a diameter of 8 mm, and non-granulated.

For the purchase of sunflower husk, you can contact the sales department . Contacts).